AV Electronics Marketing has been officially appointed by BMB International Corp, Japan, as the new authorized distributor of BMB products for Malaysia. AVEM had been in close discussion with BMB at the end of 2011, and in Dec 2011, BMB agreed to appoint AVEM as the authorized distributor starting January 2012. Stocks are already on the way and are due to arrive soon.

Among the issues that BMB and AVEM wish highlight is to give BMB buyers assurance that the BMB products that they buy are genuine BMB products, via verification when they register for the product warranty online. BMB and AVEM realize how important it is to protect customers from purchasing fake or imitation products, and now offer a preventive measure to help customers ensure they only buy genuine products and not imitation ones.

AVEM and BMB are now planning for a series of marketing activities to reach out to customers and show them the latest products from BMB and demonstrate the real sound of BMB.

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  • By adopting a high-performance microchip and suppressing distortion, we realized a unique wireless quality microphone unique to BMB.
  • It uses high-quality liquid crystal, it is easy to see in any installation situation.
  • When the microphone dropped, The microphone will become mute.
  • It will not occur the Large volume Noise, when falling more than 20 cm.
  • New function that microphone automatically connect to receiver by shaking microphone. (WB-5000 / WM-500)
  • Multi Function Karaoke Amplifier, Good for KTV and Home Use
  • Maximum Output 2 x 350W
  • Double Bluetooth Connection/ USB Player/ HDMI 2 In 1 Out
  • PC Editor
  • Remote App for Smartphone
  • The speaker can be used both for Karaoke and dance music.
  • The speaker reproduces the ductility of sound in Karaoke and the powerful rhythm of dance music.
  • The realization of these two seemingly completely reversed sounds results from the following several newly-developed technologies.
  • BMB Karaoke System Package Consisting of:
  • DAR-350H Amplifier x 1 unit
  • CSV-450 Speakers x 1 pair
  • WB-5000S Wireless Microphone System x 1 Set
  • Karaoke Speaker bracket x1 Pair

  • Speaker Cable x20 Meter