The Affordably Loud PA Sound System for Bar, Pub, Club & Bistro - IVA PS-15R2, HM-1461FX, PRO-26DX, DPM-4.13mk2 & Topp Pro KS 18S
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  • Best loudness to price ratio
  • Decent Return Of Investment for the competitive night entertainment outlet industry
  • Proven durability for long hours usage
  • Best suited for EDM & Manyao


Now if you want your Bar, Pub, Club & Bistro outlet to turn things up a few notches and include loud or live music and vocal entertainment (comedy, drama) as a core experience of the venue, then it will need a sound system that is center stage and core to the theme and environment of the venue. A normal PA system with small distributed speakers will not cut it anymore as these will not be able to churn out the high sound levels and quality required by such a venue.

What you need now is what is called a sound reinforcement PA system that is able to produce loud and clear sound levels with multiple inputs and various controls. For a small Bar, Pub, Club & Bistro venue like a single shop lot size, or approximately 2000 sq ft, and there is a stage or performing area, we would need a dedicated PA or sound reinforcement system set up there. At the very basic, you will need a mixer to mix the inputs from various performers, and pair of powerful speakers powered by an amplifier.

A good basic mixer is necessary, being able to mix various inputs like 1-2 vocalists, 2-3 instruments, a playback source, so minimum a 5 to 6 channel mixer is necessary, with the basic controls of EQ and some effects. As for the speaker, full range speakers with 15” drivers are necessary to produce fullrange audio signal while subwoofers are needed to produce sufficient bass. With a matching power amplifer to drive the speakers enough to cover the whole area sufficiently. A minimum of 200W x 2 or more is required to do this sufficiently. And most importantly, the whole system must be capable of a full frequency spectrum up to 20kHz to ensure the best possible audio quality, a professional event sound, is produced to delivered that oomph.

High durability is a key factor as the system is usually run at a high level during peak performances, and this must come with proper professional tuning and signal processing to avoid mishandling.



  1. Trinity Cooperative
  2. Site Visit
  3. Consultation
  4. Solution Provider
  5. Installation - Charges according to venue size
  6. Audio System Tuning, Alignment & Optimization
  7. System operation training


The package

  1. IVA PS-15R2 passive fullrange loudspeaker x 2
  2. Topp Pro KS 18S passive subwoofer x 2
  3. IVA HM-1461FX audio mixer x 1
  4. IVA DPM-4.13mk2 power amplifier x 1
  5. IVA PRO-26DX Digital Loudspeaker Management x 1



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If you have any doubt, we are happy to assist you. Click HERE to reach our friendly solution provider. We can provide your bar, bistro, pub & club with customized solution for specialized needs. You can check HERE for the customized solution that we have done before.

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