The Budget Basic PA Sound System for Bar, Pub, Club & Bistro - Emix EMDMA-250 & EMWS-884
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  • Suitable for quiet bar, speakeasy, hidden bar
  • Amazing in creating vibes and atmospheric ambience
  • Best Return of Investment for your outlet
  • System easy to handle and learn to operate by end users


Opening a pub? Or a restaurant, bar or bistro, or whatever night entertaiment outlet? You got your kitchen sorted out, your dining area sorted out, lights, aircond, décor all kautim. But you need music for your customers, and you don’t know much about audio? You don’t know what equipment to get that would suit your venue? Look no further as here we have some pre-designed audio system solutions to suit your usage. Whether you are just playing background music or want to have a band playing for an audience, we have a suitable solution for you from the very basic budget systems to powerful high power systems.


Our budget basic is our Best Seller
The best selling and most common type of sound system for Bar, Pub, Club & Bistro, F&B and retail outlets, typically called a PA system (PA or public announcements). It is suitable for venues that require only background music playback and to make announcements and does not require high quality sound and high output levels, yet still able to produce clear music at low levels and clear vocal announcements. This is a very common and generic type of sound system found in many places, small and big.


This type of PA system consists of a microphone, a mixing amplifier, a music player typically at the cashier or store room, and several concealed box speakers installed throughout the venue. PA systems like this are usually simple and basic, requires simple installation and cabling with minimal cost, therefore it give its owner the best ROI.



  1. Trinity Cooperative
  2. Site Visit
  3. Consultation
  4. Solution Provider
  5. Installation - Charges according to venue size
  6. Audio System Tuning, Alignment & Optimization
  7. System operation training


The package

  1. EMWS-884 Box Speaker x 4 (Black/White Color Option Available)
  2. EMDMA-250 Mixing Amplifier x 1



Blog & Reference

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If you have any doubt, we are happy to assist you. Click HERE to reach our friendly solution provider. We can provide your bar, bistro, pub & club with customized solution for specialized needs. You can check HERE for the customized solution that we have done before.

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