Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1202FX V2 Rackmount Mixer with Effects
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Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1202FX V2


  • Mixing Channels: The RX1202FX V2 provides 12 input channels, including 8 mono channels with XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs and 2 stereo channels with both 1/4" TRS and RCA inputs. This allows you to connect microphones, instruments, line-level devices, and stereo sources simultaneously.

  • Xenyx Mic Preamps: The mixer features Behringer's Xenyx microphone preamps known for their high-quality and low-noise performance. These preamps provide transparent and detailed audio amplification for your microphone inputs.

  • Onboard Effects Processor: The RX1202FX V2 includes a built-in effects processor with 100 selectable presets. It offers a range of effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, and more, allowing you to add depth and dimension to your audio.

  • 3-Band EQ and Aux Sends: Each channel on the mixer is equipped with a 3-band EQ (high, mid, low) for precise sound shaping. It also provides auxiliary sends, typically used for creating monitor mixes or sending audio to external effects processors.

  • Main Mix and Control Room Outputs: The mixer offers main mix outputs for connecting to speakers or an amplifier. Additionally, it has a dedicated control room output, enabling you to send a separate mix to a monitoring system or headphones.

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