BEHRINGER NOISE REDUCER NR300 Ultimate Noise Reduction Effects Pedal
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The Behringer NR300 is a noise reduction pedal designed to reduce unwanted noise and hum in your guitar signal. Here are some key features of the Behringer NR300:

  • Noise reduction: The NR300 utilizes advanced noise reduction algorithms to effectively suppress hiss, hum, and other unwanted noise from your guitar signal, allowing you to achieve a cleaner and quieter sound.
  • Threshold and decay controls: These knobs allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the noise reduction and control how quickly the pedal responds to the noise.
  • Mode selection switch: The pedal offers two different noise reduction modes - Hard and Soft. The Hard mode provides a more aggressive noise reduction, while the Soft mode offers a smoother and more transparent reduction.
  • Send/Return loop: The NR300 features a send/return loop that allows you to connect other pedals or effects into the noise reduction circuit, giving you more flexibility in your signal chain setup.
  • True bypass: The pedal employs a true bypass switching mechanism to ensure that your guitar's signal remains unaltered when the pedal is turned off.
  • LED indicator: The pedal includes an LED indicator that shows the status of the noise reduction effect, making it easy to see if it's active or bypassed.

The Behringer NR300 is designed to help guitarists reduce unwanted noise and hum in their signal, particularly when playing in high-gain or noisy environments.

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