BEHRINGER VINTAGE DELAY VD400 Vintage Analog Delay Effects Pedal
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The Behringer VD400 is a vintage analog delay pedal that emulates the warm and classic delay sounds of the past. Here are some key features of the Behringer VD400:

  • Analog delay: The VD400 uses analog circuitry to recreate the rich, warm, and organic delay tones reminiscent of vintage analog delay units.
  • Delay time control: The pedal features a Delay Time knob that allows you to adjust the length of the delay from short slapback echoes to longer, spacious repeats.
  • Repeat and Intensity controls: These knobs let you shape the number of repeats and the overall intensity or feedback of the delayed signal.
  • On/Off footswitch: The pedal has a sturdy footswitch that allows you to engage or bypass the effect with ease.
  • LED indicator: The VD400 includes an LED indicator that shows the status of the pedal, indicating whether it's active or bypassed.
  • Input/output jacks: The pedal has standard 1/4" input and output jacks for easy connectivity to your guitar and amplifier or other effects pedals.
  • True bypass: The VD400 utilizes true bypass switching, which ensures that your guitar's signal remains unaltered when the pedal is turned off.
  • Compact and rugged design: The VD400 is housed in a durable and compact enclosure, making it suitable for both pedalboards and desktop setups.

The Behringer VD400 is designed for guitarists and musicians who want to add vintage analog delay sounds to their music.

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