BEHRINGER ZMX8210 V2 Professional 8-Channel 3-Bus Mic/Line Zone Mixer with Remote Control and Link Ports
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  • 8 Input Channels: The ZMX8210 V2 offers 8 input channels, allowing you to connect various audio sources such as microphones, line-level devices, or stereo sources.

  • Zone Routing: The mixer allows you to route each input channel to different output zones independently. This feature enables you to send specific audio sources to different areas or rooms, making it suitable for multi-room installations or complex audio distribution setups.

  • Mic/Line Level Switching: Each input channel on the ZMX8210 V2 provides a mic/line-level switch, allowing you to connect both microphones and line-level devices without the need for additional preamplifiers.

  • Matrix Operation: The mixer offers matrix operation mode, which allows you to combine multiple input channels to create a custom mix for each output zone. This provides flexibility in managing the audio distribution and optimizing the audio levels in each zone.

  • Gain and Level Control: The ZMX8210 V2 features individual gain control for each input channel, allowing you to adjust the input signal levels. It also provides individual level controls for each output zone, giving you precise control over the audio levels in different areas.

  • Link Function: The mixer includes a link function that allows you to link adjacent input channels together. This feature is useful when you want to combine stereo sources or control multiple channels simultaneously.


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