Downloadable Presets for Topp Pro Digital Mixers

Written by Eric Chee


Thank you for your purchase of Topp Pro Digital Mixer from AV Electronics Marketing Sdn Bhd. The Topp Pro digital mixers come with zero setting within the console. To make life easier for our users we have prepare various presets so the users can starts mixing immediately. This preset can be used by T2208 and DM24.8. User guides has been provided together the download files on the ways to upload the setting to the console via PC or Android Phone.


The following presets have been provided in this download package.

  1. Bass Guitar
  2. Guitar
  3. Hats
  4. Kick
  5. Overhead
  6. Ride
  7. Snare
  8. Tom 1
  9. Tom 2
  10. Tom 2
  11. Sax
  12. Trombone
  13. Trumpet
  14. Male Vocal
  15. Female Vocal

You can download the presets here:

T2208 @ HERE

DM24.8 @ HERE


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