Korg Volca-Bass Analog Bass Machine Synthesizer
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Korg Volca-Bass


  • Three Analog Oscillators: The Volca Bass features three analog oscillators that can be used to create a variety of bass sounds, including sawtooth, square, and triangle waves.

  • Analog Filter: The Volca Bass includes an analog filter that can be used to shape the sound of the oscillators. The filter can be switched between low-pass and high-pass modes, and features a cutoff and resonance control.

  • LFO and Envelope Generator: The Volca Bass includes an LFO (low frequency oscillator) and envelope generator that can be used to modulate the sound of the oscillators and filter.

  • Step Sequencer: The Volca Bass features a 16-step sequencer that can be used to create bass lines and patterns. The sequencer can store up to 16 patterns, and includes a range of editing functions, including motion sequencing and active step.

  • Built-In Speaker: The Volca Bass includes a built-in speaker, allowing you to play and experiment with sounds without needing an external amplifier or speakers.

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Korg Volca Analog Bass Machine Synthesizer

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