PA System for 65'x80' Sekolah Rendah Hall
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It all started way before the construction of the new building/hall. AVEM and our System Integrator partner were invited to share our expertise to accommodate the hall of SJK (C) La Salle Sri Petaling with a good audio system that have even sounding and high degree of intelligibility. Even though at that time of visit to the site, there were nothing but few column of pillars and dirt, we are able to visualize how the sound system will sounds like with the help of computer simulations. We are able to work out the exact number of line array loudspeaker cabinet that needed to ensure even coverage from the front to the back of the hall. We also added subwoofer for low frequencies extension as they are need for student performance through the academic year.


We match the appropriate power amplifier so they line array loudspeaker is properly powered. We also use the digital loudspeaker management (DLSM) to perfection as our sound system engineer utilize it to calibrate the audio system tailor to the venues. Anomaly, excessive frequencies & inadequate frequencies are detected during the calibration process and corrective tweaking being made and save into the DLSM. On stage, we provide low profile stage monitor that are not obstructive and it is powered by its own power amplifier. On the control room, we provide the user state-of-the-art digital mixing system that provide plenty of feature to be used.



  1. Trinity Cooperative
  2. Site visitation
  3. Audio system consultation
  4. Venue's audio distribution simulation
  5. Installation
  6. Audio System Tuning, Alignment & Optimization



  1. Line Array Passive Loudspeaker
  2. High Power Passive Subwoofer
  3. Power Amplifiers
  4. Digital Loudspeaker Management
  5. Digital Mixer
  6. Digital Snake
  7. Stage Monitor
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