Reward Points

Reward Points


For majority of your purchase, you will be rewarded with reward points. There are some exception of products that are not included in the reward point scheme such as clearance & B-stock products. You will be given 1 point for every RM 1 spent in AV Electronics Marketing's webstore. Once you have completed your purchase, an email will be sent with information of the reward points earned and the total cumulative point that have been collected.


How to check your reward points?


Customer can login to your account, go to My Account and select My reward point.




How to use your reward points?


In your next purchase with us, in your checkout page, you can apply your reward points to exchange with monetary discount.



How to find out the reward points needed to get the product entirely free?


In the product page, the information of the points needed will be stated. However there are certain products that are not eligible for point redemption such as clearance & B-stock products.



If you are confused how much your Reward Points worth, here is a BLOG ARTICLE explaining the worth of your Reward Points.