SHURE BETA 58A Dynamic Vocal Microphone
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  • Dynamic Transducer: The Beta 58A utilizes a dynamic transducer, which is durable and capable of handling high sound pressure levels. It is designed specifically for vocals, providing a clear and detailed sound reproduction.

  • Supercardioid Polar Pattern: The microphone features a supercardioid polar pattern, offering increased off-axis rejection compared to the cardioid pattern. It focuses on capturing sound from the front while minimizing pickup from the sides and rear, reducing background noise and feedback.

  • Frequency Response: The Beta 58A has a tailored frequency response that emphasizes midrange frequencies, providing presence and clarity to vocals. It typically has a frequency range of 50Hz to 16kHz, allowing for accurate and articulate vocal reproduction.

  • Advanced Pneumatic Shock Mount System: The Beta 58A incorporates an advanced internal shock mount system that minimizes handling noise and vibration. This ensures that the microphone captures the intended sound without interference from external factors.

  • Improved Output Level: The Beta 58A has a higher output level compared to the SM58, making it ideal for louder environments or situations where additional gain is required.

  • Rugged Construction: Like the SM58, the Beta 58A features a durable construction designed to withstand the demands of live performances. It has a hardened steel mesh grille and a sturdy metal housing for increased durability and reliability.

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