Unlock USB Audio Interface for IVA HM & V Series Mixer by Updating Firmware

Written by Eric Chee


Unlock 48 kHz 16 bit 2in2out USB Audio Interface of IVA HM & V Series Mixer today with a simple firmware update. This totally free additional feature add more value to your existing IVA mixer. Folow the steps below to upgrade your firmware.

  1. Prepare yourself a pendrive
  2. Download the USB Audio Interface Firmware of the relevent product from official website or HERE
  3. Unzip the zip file, you will presented with 3 files
  4. Transfer the mp3 & bfu files into root directory of your pendrive
  5. Turn ON your IVA audio mixer
  6. Insert the pendrive into the MP3 module
  7. Please wait while the firmware updating itself. The screen will turn off by itself and few seconds later will be turned on again
  8. The MP3 module will be rebooted and Chinese character word will appear
  9. Take out the pendrive
  10. You have sucessfully updated the firmware!


or Simply follow the steps in this video to get your console updated. 


This firmware update is applicable for the following models:

  1. IVA HM-822FX
  2. IVA HM-1261FX
  3. IVA HM-1461FX
  4. IVA HM-1622FX
  5. IVA HM-2422FX
  6. IVA V4FX
  7. IVA V8FX


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