Who Are We ?




To many users, AVEM could be a unknown company appearing from nowhere in online marketplace but we assure you that we are not a new kid in the block.


We are a company that focuses in professional equipments. We deal with audio system such as stadium sound system, concert system, multipurpose hall system and portable sound system for events. Prosumer market is one of the markets we have been dealing offline for very long time and it was in 2020 we started to pivot to online. 


Our team with contractors after installed sound system in Stadium Sarawak for SUKMA 2016


Our online presence, marketing budget, SEO skills are still infancy thus we are still lacking in the e-commerce. This explains our rather unknown status among the prosumer. Unlike other trading e-commerce company you found online, we strongly believe our strong technical know-how from our professional background will definately enchance your online shopping experience with us.


Even with our professional background as advantage, we do not charge exorbitant price for our goods.We also provide competative service such as Free Delivery with purchase above RM 120, same day delivery, flexible payment, installments, return, exhange and product warranty. This is to ensure that you as our customer will able to enjoy typical service perk available online but also enjoy tremendous value-added from our technical skills. 




Typical sellers you encounter online is just a buy and sell reseller. We are not! We are just like you. We are content creator. We script, shoot, record and edit our video for our Youtube Channel and Facebook. 


We also play musical instrument and continously perform via Facebook Live and Youtube Live. Therefore we fully understand your pain in dealing with incorrect equipment. We believe we can be your solution provider because we are just like you.


AVEM teams in content creation, LIVE and musical product showcase




While we have spread our wing towards e-commerce, our offline division is still going strong. Our System Intergration staff or in layman term, technical staff still visiting project site for evaluation, proposal, system tuning, system install and techincal support to our professional clients.


Our team is very dynamic and down-to-earth where we are always engaging the market. We are not just a team that stay behind the computer screens. Part of our team is roaming the market mingling with clients like you. These are reasons why we always understand your problem.


Our System Intergration engineer Mr Chia in a church site which eventually we delivered them an outstanding church sound system




We do not have a tastefully furnished showroom nor come with extravagant acoustic-treated space for our client. A correct name for our showroom should be testing room. All of our products in our testing room are for your hands-on. You can operate, listen and compare variety of audio equipment in our testing room.


What you listen is what you get. We avoided issue such as sounds nice in our testing room but sound worse in your place. We have almost near to zero acoustic treatment in our testing room, and any purchased audio system will typical perform better in your place. Our testing room is highly transformative and we frequently turn it to become our community event venue such as new product lanuching, product technical training and seminars.


From the top: Equipment testing room aka showroom. Large area allows frequent community event to be held




We pride ourselves in our after sales service. Many of our professional clients such as equipment rental event companies know this very well. In mission critical event, our team do standy along side with our client. We loaned temporary unit for our clients while waiting for their servicing set. We also experienced a midnight product exchange support to our client too. Although these services are not offcicially supported by AVEM towards our customer, certain scenarios like mentioned above, we are willing to go extra miles to help our friend in need.


Our application engineer setting up row of Subwoofer for Penang Island Jazz Festival 




No, we are not dealer and reseller. We are the Authorized Distributor for IVA, TOPP PRO, BMB, EMIX, DSPPA & RELACART. This mean, all good purchase from us is 100% Malaysia set under Malaysia warranty.